Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hannu Karjalainen lives in Helsinki, Finland. His surname is unpronouncable to non Finno-ugric language speakers so prefers to simply be known as Hannu. His musical background includes a free-grindcore band Abyss at the age of 11 plus lots of teenage experiments with four-track recorders and synthesizers.

His source of inspiration is nature, landscape, weather, light, places, friends… etc. His music captures a mood or a feeling of a place, to take the listener somewhere for a moment. The album is a very personal statement and it is mostly recorded and produced at home in Helsinki but some of the songs utilize sounds culled from four-track recordings he made as a teenager in his home town in Northern Finland.

"..a shimmering, homespun amalgam of delicate twilight music that fans of Colleen, Deaf Center, Max Richter, Marsen Jules, Brian Eno, Greg Haines, Stars of The Lid and so on will absolutely adore. Hannu (real name Hannu) is from that Scandinavian snowy vodka-logged tundra which we have all fallen in love with, and luckily the music here evokes similarly icy imagery. Like Hannu's countrymen The Gentlemen Losers, this music perfectly evokes a crackling log fire, burning away as you peruse old photo albums and eat hot soup, or even a summery night of quiet contemplation. Taking cues from Colleen's or Es's horizontal loop-laden adventures Hannu takes us on picturesque journeys through his musical landscapes, each song an audio poem to unseen vistas, to drifting seas and crimson skies, to secret gardens and to bottomless wardrobes. His music is beautiful in that exciting, mystifying sense - music which genuinely gives you a sense of awe and romance at the big wide world. If you don't believe me just lend your ears to 'Haapavesi', the album's second track and one of its most perfectly crafted moments - tiny glockenspiels echo over hisses and crackles before being joined by low-slung guitar melodies and deep, booming bass with everything sounding like it has been filtered through some decomposed music box or other".

Δισκογραφία :
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